Happy Sami National Day!

Sami Flag
Sami Flag (Source: Wikipedia)

The Sami people are an ethnic population of approximately 164’000 living in the Northern part of the Nordic countries spread over Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. Every evening around 6pm, we can watch the news in Sami with Norwegian subtitles on NRK (Norwegian radio television). They have different languages with very interesting alphabets that I really envy. See it for yourself!

Sami Alphabet
Sami Alphabet (Source: Languagemuse.blogspot.com)

Doesn’t it look super cool? My favorite letter is D!

They also have their own dressing code which is very colorful. As today’s is their National Day, NRK published a few pictures of their celebration in Tromsø.

Girl wearing Sami clothes
Girl wearing Sami clothes (Source: Visitnorway.com)

I find the Sami culture quite fascinating and had the pleasure a year ago to briefly help e-skuvla a company who promotes sami languages. If you come to Norway and want to greet a sami person, here’s what to say: “Heior” or “Buorre” or “beaivvi”!

Lastly there is a fantastic movie called “Kukushka” about a Sami woman who hosts a Russian and a Finn during the second world. None of them speaks the same language. The landscapes are beautiful and the movie is filled with humor!

White gold is back in Oslo

Sognsvann Lake covered with snow

Finally snow has arrived in Oslo! We were waiting for it for quite a while. Now not only days are slowly getting longer, with the snow even if it’s grey outside we’re getting way more light which is fantastic.

Today for the first time Francis and I are running on the snow with – 6 Degree Celsius. After two years living in Norway it seems that our asthmatic lungs handle running in minus temperatures which is awesome on such beautiful days.

(Picture taken at Sognsvann)

Unexpected and met randomly a few grams of poetry makes the day…

I enjoy this urban culture that can be met in many places where unexpectedly one can find some creativity such as an amazing graffiti or poetry. Today it happened in the underground station of Stortinget. Even though I have already met poetry in the Parisian metro or the Swiss trains before, I still didn’t expect to meet it here. This poem talks about nature, one of the strongest Norwegian value.

Getting in the Christmas vibe

It’s again this time of the year where many people gather together, enjoy a good meal and exchanges a few gifts. With its commercial aspects and unfairness towards people who can’t afford it, Christmas remains on some level special in the Christian culture with its decoration and Christmas market. In Norway I was impressed by the high number of Christmas markets and the hand crafts one could find. (Picture taken on Karl Johan)

Another Spandex National Day

We feel very lucky to live in a town where people are active and training so much. It’s very common to see people (particularly ladies) wearing their sport tights around the city. Now twice a year most of the people in the city will wear them: today for Oslo Marathon and in May for a relay run that happens all around the city as well. This year for the third time Francis runs the marathon and I run for the first time 10k. All this adrenaline it feels very exciting. Even His Royal Highness Håkon the Prince of Norway runs the Half marathon. (Picture taken in front of Oslo city hall)

Dark is back

Darker days are back. We’re at this period of the year where daylight shrinks so fast. We effectively loose 5 to 7 minutes of daylight everyday which from week to week makes it more than 35 minutes less daylight from one Monday to the next. We can’t wait to be December 22nd and experience it the other way round! (Picture taken at Sagene Kirkepark)