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View from Tbane over Oslo and the sea

Snowy Winter in Oslo

During Winter 2012/2013 it snowed way more than during the first winter we spent in Oslo. Temperatures were also way colder but with the sunny days and the amount of snow we received, we liked it better. Thanks to these generous weather conditions we practiced more activities outside such as sledging and skiing. The following […]

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Leaving a trace behind

Happy New Year 2013

We made it! We are spending our second winter in Norway even through the dark and cold weather. This year however we cheated slightly regarding Christmas and New Year. We spent them in one of our homeland (Switzerland). Last fall has been filled with adventures, we traveled to New York to attend a friend’s wedding […]

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Paris Marathon

Right after the long Easter weekend (from Thursday until Monday) Francis and I had the pleasure to go to Paris to see Erica & Marcelo who came “half way” to meet us and visit Paris. The main goal for the men was to run the Marathon on Sunday. Although it was physically tiring to run […]

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Short visit in Bodø, north of the Arctic Circle

Thanks to a new temporary job, I have the pleasure to visit a bit of Norway. Yesterday I flew to Bodø a town in the northern part of Norway with 48’000 inhabitants (Link to Bodø on Wikipedia). It is 18 hours away from Oslo by train up north and 1.5 hours flying. In four months […]

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Statute in Vigeland's Park

Our first visitor…

… is my sister Marie-Céline! She just spent a week here. It was quite brave of her to come here when it is dark and cold. Even braver was that she is not the cocooning type so she would rarely stay sitting on

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