Happy Sami National Day!

Sami Flag
Sami Flag (Source: Wikipedia)

The Sami people are an ethnic population of approximately 164’000 living in the Northern part of the Nordic countries spread over Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. Every evening around 6pm, we can watch the news in Sami with Norwegian subtitles on NRK (Norwegian radio television). They have different languages with very interesting alphabets that I really envy. See it for yourself!

Sami Alphabet
Sami Alphabet (Source: Languagemuse.blogspot.com)

Doesn’t it look super cool? My favorite letter is D!

They also have their own dressing code which is very colorful. As today’s is their National Day, NRK published a few pictures of their celebration in Tromsø.

Girl wearing Sami clothes
Girl wearing Sami clothes (Source: Visitnorway.com)

I find the Sami culture quite fascinating and had the pleasure a year ago to briefly help e-skuvla a company who promotes sami languages. If you come to Norway and want to greet a sami person, here’s what to say: “Heior” or “Buorre” or “beaivvi”!

Lastly there is a fantastic movie called “Kukushka” about a Sami woman who hosts a Russian and a Finn during the second world. None of them speaks the same language. The landscapes are beautiful and the movie is filled with humor!