Ny i Norge*

My story with Norway is a long one.

When I was 13 years old, I’ve met a Norwegian singer on a church event. I was a volunteer interpreter for her and those with her. “Where are you from?”, I asked, and the answer was this country name far away that started to call my attention.

My curiosity only rised up 4 years later, where I had to share a room with a Norwegian volunteer back in São Paulo, where I worked for 2 months. It was a short period, but then I knew that one day, I’d have to visit that country.

So, 3 years later, a 19 years old boy was arriving in Oslo Central Station, after 17 hours by train from Rostock. It was winter, and I remember like today when I saw the clock outside the main entrance.

Because it was so cold, I ended up not doing much in Oslo – my friend was living in Drammen at that time, so I came just one or two days to the capital, once to get a visa for France – at that time one was required for Brazilians to enter France.

Then, 5 years later, I again arrived in Norway, by plane this time. I had a relationship, and would be living together with my ex-fiancée up north, in Kirkenes. When one is a foreigner in a 3.000 inhabitants that far up north, arriving in winter doesn’t help. I have good memories from that time, but I thought my relationship with Norway was over.

Then came Gaëlle, then came the dreams of living together. And then sending applications for a master abroad. And then I was accepted in Oslo. And here I am, eating the most expensive sausage money can buy, where they have the most expensive Big Mac in the world (the second was the Brazilian one, but I bet now it is the Swiss), and where I’m trying to make peace with Norway, this old friend.

So here it is – welcome to join us both in this blog on a couple that is just starting their life together, on a different country, with so many adventures and challenges to come.

* New in Norway – it was the title of my first Norwegian language book in 1999.