Oslo in Black and White

I was never a big fan of Black and White photography. I think it was because when my father, mom or any other grown-up would give me a film for my cameras, they’d almost always give me back and white – in the 80’s, they were much cheaper, and, as most pictures taken by me at the time were just blurred ones, it wouldn’t make sense, in their view, to give me color films.

Black and White photography also send us a bit to the past, or that’s what I thought when I was a children, and, let’s face it, children look forward. It was just when I became an adult – considering that it has indeed happened – that I started to see the beauty on Black and White photography. And colors, which meant life for me in the past – and they keep meaning that, mind you – can sometimes hide the shapes or the details on what we see.

But I can’t photograph well in Black and White – hell, I can’t do that in color as well! I guess it requires a proper way of seeing light. But nevertheless, I keep trying.

Today it was a bucolic fall day, so I took my camera, which I have barely being using here in Oslo, and decided to take some pictures downtown, as I can’t get tired on walking there. Here are the pictures I took it.