Oslo Marathon

I believe anyone could run a marathon. I never thought about it when I started running. It was when I found myself running longer than usual that the idea came to my mind. I had no one to help me with tips, so the whole thing was pretty empirical. The only big tip I had was to eat/drink some carbs after 1h running. That single step made me able to run a bit more. It’s common sense, but I had no idea…

Anyway, one could think that running is a very solitary activity. And I would agree. In fact, my trainings used to be very lonely, so, looking back, I am really amazed that I kept running through all these 3,5 years. But, I must say, I had the luck of never being alone running a marathon, and that’s the single most important thing about it.

On my first one, in Zurich, 2009, I had the luck to run with a close friend. His family, as well as other close friends were there for me, cheering and motivating me. It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. Then, after that, back home in Brazil, I started running with other friends, and those trainings with them, specially the ones on Saturdays, are among the things I miss the most. Suddenly, running wasn’t that lonely anymore. We had the chance to travel together for more 3 marathons, and each one of those trips were memorable. Then, Zürich again, in 2011, where I had Gaëlle (and other great friends) waiting for me.

I would think that Oslo wouldn’t be as special, because I didn’t know anyone here. Of course, I’d have Gaëlle waiting for me, and that’s always great. But it’s always good to see friendly faces along the race.

That’s what made Oslo marathon as special as the other ones: in such a short time, I got amazing support from the new friends I made here. So it was good to run and see someone from the running group of the Law Faculty. Or some friends from my classes at the finish line. And always special to see Gaëlle’s smile there…

It was a fantastic experience. Legs are hurt, I can’t walk too much on stairs, but it feels damn good! 🙂