… is my sister Marie-Céline!

She just spent a week here. It was quite brave of her to come here when it is dark and cold. Even braver was that she is not the cocooning type so she would rarely stay sitting on our new couch and just enjoy reading or surfing on the internet. No, no, no, instead she went out everyday no matter which weather it was outside and visited what she could visit at this time of the year. Even though we were studying or working it gave me the opportunity to see new corners of the city that I had not explored yet.

Lastly this wonderful visit brought us also some nice smelly cheese (on my request!) that still perfumes our fridge and occasionally our flat when it is briefly being opened. Without further ado here are a sample of picture you may enjoy about what can be seen at this time of the year. Many thanks again to Marie for bringing the nice food and sharing with us her wonderful pictures.

Here are some of her pictures: 

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    1. Et merci à toi de la visite et à bientôt! 🙂
      Gros bisous

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