An empty versus a full flat…

So here we are happy in our new small and cute 43 m2 flat on two floors. Last night was like every first night should be when you move: no table, no chairs, just an invented table “à la Mc Giver” for those who still remembers this totally outdated serie.

Next Day: after an interesting night on our inflating mattresses arrive 29 boxes from Switzerland. Francis’ life holds in 4 suitcases and Gaelle’s in 29 boxes… “Chercher l’erreur” as we say in French (look for the error). Now the advantage of unpacking so many boxes is like playing hide and seek with our own stuff and also along the way find out some nice and unexpected surprises such as a vase to put the flower! And I’m still looking for the chairs… has anyone seen them? 🙂

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Reality show made in Norway

Alt for Norge” is the Sunday evening reality show in Norway. It talks about 12 Americans who are looking for their Norwegian roots. They have to go through typical Norwegian experiences such as cross country skying and singing typical traditional Norwegian songs. I must say that as a fresh foreigner it’s fun to watch and find out more about Norway also through this way. 🙂

Alt for Norge


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Ny i Norge*

My story with Norway is a long one.

When I was 13 years old, I’ve met a Norwegian singer on a church event. I was a volunteer interpreter for her and those with her. “Where are you from?”, I asked, and the answer was this country name far away that started to call my attention.

My curiosity only rised up 4 years later, where I had to share a room with a Norwegian volunteer back in São Paulo, where I worked for 2 months. It was a short period, but then I knew that one day, I’d have to visit that country. (more…)

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