On Saturday we celebrated our two months living in Oslo with: a nice cheesy Fondue, two good friends from Francis studies who met in Sankt Gallen and of course a cardboard game! The perfect combination for me to feel at home.

So what happened over the past two months? Well Francis studied and I got busy. Super busy engaging myself at every opportunity I could. Concretely it means meeting people, networking with Expats and Norwegians, joining several international organizations such as Norway International Network, Toastmasters, a writers group, helping out a friend to organize a conference on Global Mobility and making new friends. Also I learnt some Norwegians and a lot about Prof. Geert Hofsteded and his interesting cultural dimensions theory. What did I find out? Well lucky me! The Norwegians and the Swiss have a lot in common which means so far I have not suffered from a bad cultural shock which can happens sometimes when moving abroad.

Also in order to improve my English writing skills, I joined a Writer’s Rookery with whom I became friends quickly (lucky me!). We meet regularly every two weeks to write and also every now and then for a social breakfast. These new friends make my life so much more fun! Thank you girls!

New Friends met in Oslo
Anna Maria, Audrey, me and Sara enjoying an early breakfast and celebrating Sara’s birthday!


Job wise I have not found a regular job yet but met highly enthusiastic entrepreneurs looking for collaboration. One of them has built a smartphone app to encourage people to share their stuff (see www.skylib.org). Another one after working 13 years in the oil industry became an entrepreneur and wants to start a foundation called “Energy for one world“. Lastly a PR consultant wants to create the Oslo International Club using WordPress. I don’t know today where all these interesting projects are leading me to but the journey is worthwhile the trip!

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  1. Cool de voir que ça va bien. J’aimerai bien un peu plus de photos… pour nous dépayser un peu ! Bon courage pour la suite. Bises de nous 4.

    1. Hello, merci pour le commentaire. L’article précédent contenait pas mal de photos, elles t’ont pas plu? Je vais transmettre tes désires à l’artiste! Bises 🙂

  2. Klingt nach einem erfolgreichen Start! Mach weiter so, ich drück’ Dir die Daumen für viel Erfolg!!

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